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ESTG is a supplier of solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and all other components required for installation of your solar panel system.



ESTG was founded in 2010 as a joint venture by two companies, combining their extensive experience in renewable energy technologies and international customer bases. This provided technical and marketing resources in Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2012, these companies merged into the entity you now know as ESTG.



Given the current market conditions, solar energy systems are becoming more and more popular. ESTG positions itself as major distributor of solar systems with an emphasis on roof mounted installations. With skyrocketing energy costs, it is becoming increasingly more attractive to be able to generate your own electricity. It is our goal to offer value added systems to installers. These can be ordered via our agents and can be shipped directly to you.


ESTG is transparent to its prospects, customers and suppliers. Our business profile is posted on OpenCompanies.nl. You can view our payment behavior, credit rating and credit by clicking on the link below or on the banner at the bottom of this page: 


Bedrijfsprofiel ESTG bij OpenCompanies

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